SEO is essential for any company
who wants to be found on Google!

“Design like you are absolutely right, then optimize like you were wrong from the start.” –Jordie van Rijn

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SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

The internet grows with 1000's of new site's every day! That is why SEO is essential. It ensures that your page is on the best place it can be, and when potential customers search the web, YOUR website is one of the top results. SEO is a long-term investment to help your site stand out from the others and to help it reach the front-lines in all the Search Engine Result Pages. Which means that more and more potential clients will be able to find you and make use of your services or buy your products.

Please see our Prices Below:

Essential Plan

R750 / Month

Minimum of 3 Months
  • Dedicated time: 3 Hours per Month
  • WordPress
  • AdWords
  • Blogs


R1500 / Month

Minimum of 3 Months
  • Dedicated time: 6 Hours per Month
  • 1 Blog per Month
  • AdWords


R3500 / Month

Minimum of 3 Months
  • Dedicated time: 12 Hours per Month

  • Bi-Weekly Blogs

  • Adwords - Per customer's budget